Welcome to Math Classroom Challenge

Important: we have now the updated manual for Math Classroom Challenge here, that includes version 1.85 “Save the seas”. Thank you!

Save the seas tutorial.

Welcome to the Math Classroom Challenge. This is the official site of the 3D math game for Windows, and soon also for XBox One.

Math Classroom Challenge can currently be found in Steam, and is available to be enjoyed on a standard monitor, in HTC Vive, or in Oculus Rift. It is compatible with SteamVR and Oculus’ own system.

The previous version was 1.70, with the number-eating Sam bird, and we have already uploaded version 1.80, “Save the seas”, which has a very different gameplay than the other scenarios.

  • The manual can be read here.
  • The Steam page can be found here.
  • If you want to contact us you can do it here.

Thank you for your interest!


It’s not about politics; it’s about life and Earth

We bring news about our work with “Save the seas”, where Facebook wants us to sign a document saying that this new scenario of Math Classroom Challenge has a hidden political agenda. Of course we are not in the mood to start playing that game about being something like spies or something like that.

So we have written a document on IndieDB explaining our work and why is important saving the seas from plastics and debris, and why this work has nothing to do with politics. “Save the seas is a game”, and we want to encourage people to learn to love and take care of the seas.

You can read the document here on IndieDB. Thank you!


Save the seas – Math Classroom Challenge

Save the seas version 1.87A with “Water polluted”

We have included some minor fixes in version 1.87A of Math Classroom Challenge, being the most important the new behavior of speedboats.

But we’ve also included a new element: “Water polluted”. Every time the player throws “math energy” to clean the plastics, the water gets polluted. So a new objective in the game is to avoid pollute the water too much. To achieve that, use the hose the minimum possible. That way you won’t pollute the water too much. It’s up to you again how to use this feature.

Like everything else in the game you have the last choice. But we think it will be a good idea to save the seas from our own pollution when cleaning up plastics.

We have also included a new post in IndieDB talking about all this if you want to get more info.

Have a nice day saving whales and dolphins!


Transforming the way math is learned

Math can be tough sometimes for children. But there are ways to improve their love for math. It’s not easy, and every child has his/her challenges. But I’m sure almost every child in the world can love math if taught the right way.

We talk about all this here, spanish and english versions.


Save the seas “Speedboats” released

Math Classroom Challenge version 1.87 has now been released. This version, among other things, adds the “Speedboats”. They will appear randomly and from time to time carrying some plastics. It’s our mission to throw “Math energy” to the plastics to dissolve them. This will give points and new “Math Energy”.

Pursuit the speedboat with the helo (or with the drone, but this usually won’t work) and try to aim to the plastics that the speedboat is carrying.

As usual, cleaning these speedboats is not mandatory. The only critical operation is to clean the white dots with plastics marked on the radar. But are you going to leave that speedboats alone?

Be careful when you’re moving between points, speedboats like to complicate your journey.

We have also solved some minor problems and glitches with the game. Thank you!

“Save the seas” final version released

We’re happy to inform that the release version of “Save the seas” is now online for download. This is the new scenario for “Math Classroom Challenge”.

In this version we have added some important elements to the scenario. Now when breaking down the walls, debris and plastics will appear It’s up to you to clean that plastics, but it will give you more points. Besides, more whales and dolphins will be freed.

“M” will turn on/off music. “U” will clear the HUD.

There are also a new yellow dot, that indicates plastic that contains life inside. If you clean that plastic, marine life will be freed from inside.

Now the first white dot will appear randomly, not only in front of the player. Just the initial games will do this. The helo can fly higher.

The game will generate more freed whales and dolphins when cleaning the seas and breaking down the walls.

Some minor tweaks have been added to the game. And we’re working with the next version: underwater operations. Thank you for your support!”


El propósito de “Save the seas”

English version here.

Este sábado 25 presentamos la versión final de “Save the seas”, el nuevo escenario de “Math Classroom Challenge”. Aunque el juego es básicamente matemáticas, en este escenario las mismas tienen un papel secundario, siendo el elemento principal un mensaje fundamental: los mares son nuestros amigos, y la vida marina nuestra aliada. Debemos cuidar los mares y la vida marina, porque de ello depende nuestra propia existencia.

Actualmente, los mares son esquilmados brutalmente. La pesca es necesaria, es cierto, pero debe hacerse de forma organizada y sostenible. No podemos ignorar que, destruyendo el mar, estamos destruyendo el futuro de la vida en la Tierra. Debemos entender que cuidar el mar ha de ser, desde cualquier punto de vista, una prioridad absoluta.

Por eso hemos creado “Save the seas”. Porque queremos concienciar a la opinión pública de la importancia de los mares para nuestra existencia. Algunos podrían decir que nos mueve un motivo económico. No es así. Y eso se deja ver en que el precio del juego no es una prioridad para nosotros. Esperamos cubrir gastos por supuesto. Pero el objetivo es transmitir un mensaje de esperanza a toda la humanidad: podemos salvar los mares y océanos de la Tierra.

Para ello, el juego plantea diversos retos, siendo el principal la limpieza de los plásticos. Estos materiales se acumulan en el mar, y crean verdaderas islas gigantescas, destruyendo todo tipo de vida y de ecosistemas. El juego pretende enseñar a limpiar los mares, pero sobre todo, a aprender que debemos actuar, y debemos hacerlo ya, para salvar los mares de nuestro planeta.

Queremos crear más escenarios como este. Y queremos crear una conciencia ecológica, con juegos que no solo sean educativos, sino que enseñen a educar en el respeto a la vida y al cuidado de nuestro mundo. Ese es nuestro sueño. Esperamos poder llevarlo a cabo. Muchas gracias.