Math Classroom Challenge Christmas Wand Edition

Note: the game will be with a 40% off on Nintendo Switch until January 8.

Math Classroom Challenge Christmas Wand Edition: the power of magic.

We are happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge Christmas Wand Edition is here. This version has seen a new processing of the textures, better controls, some glitches solved, and an important new element: the Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand is here.

The Magic Wand is on the left side of the player, while the water hose is still on the right side. Normally capturing the numbers to solve the math problems could be difficult because of the water, that could touch other numbers. This was made on purpose, so the player had to be fast and accurate.

The Magic Wand is another options for those who want to use it: the Magic Wand launches a magic ray that goes directly to the front, touching only the number you need to solve the math problems, or the correct answer if you’re dealing with a dynamic panel.

Christmas version.

Two of the areas of the game comes with a Christmas version so players can enjoy this end of year that has been difficult for so many people. The Christmas version will be possible to activate or deactivate in a new version after Christmas.

And remember: this is an educational game to learn math. The previous article contains info about the math operations available and other useful data. You can read it here. Thank you!


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